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Learn more about gtty.im/grants and apply by April 12 đź“·: Dmitry Markov (@dcim.ru), recipient of a #GettyImagesInstagramGrant in 2015, takes over @gettyimages Instagram

[4 of 5] Dmitry Markov (@dcim.ru), recipient of…

[4 of 5] Dmitry Markov (@dcim.ru), recipient of a #GettyImagesInstagramGrant in 2015, is taking over our account to share #photographs he’s taken over the past six months, fulfilling his dream and traveling #Russia with support of the grant. #takeover #📷: The abbot of the church of the Archangel Michael (#Vyshegorod Village, #Pskov Region) keeps a large #farm with many #pigs, goats, fowl. On the picture he is herding a #sow from the street into the barn. The @GettyImages Instagram Grant, run in collaboration with @Instagram, supports visual #artists using #Instagram to tell important stories about communities underrepresented by mainstream media. Learn more and apply at gtty.im/grants by April 12 ➡ click the link in our bio

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Getty Images Instagram Grant

Help share this grant supporting visual artists using Instagram to tell important stories about communities underrepresented by mainstream media.

Getty Images Instagram Grant

We’re accepting entries for our second annual Getty Images Instagram Grant, run in collaboration with Instagram, to support visual artists using Instagram to tell important stories about communities underrepresented by mainstream media. This year we’re encouraging visual artists to submit an Instagram portfolios of a range of mediums including digital art, photography and video footage.

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Visionary photojournalist Erika Stone joins…

Pioneering documentary photographer, student of Berenice Abbot and George Tice and New School alum joins Getty Images.

Visionary photojournalist Erika Stone joins…

Erika Stone, pioneering woman photographer, student of Berenice Abbott and George Tice joins Getty Images with her document of New York City life from the 40’s through the 70’s.

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Introducing the Lean In Collection on iStock by…

Powerful images featuring female leadership in contemporary work and life and the communities who support them… I am happy to share that one of my images is a part of this collection showcasing beautiful, empowered women!

Introducing the Lean In Collection on iStock by…

The collection is jointly curated by iStock by Getty Images and LeanIn.org – the women’s empowerment nonprofit founded by Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg

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All Across America November 2013

Hula Girl Shaking Her Grass Skirt on the Dashboard

Less than two weeks had passed since returning home to Miami after a five week odyssey in the UK and Ireland. Just enough time for me to start feeling that itch to go somewhere fast. Out of the blue a friend in need asks if I could help get him across the country I didn’t even have to consider it. Of course my answer was YES! Soon after I set off from Miami to head west with a guy in a wheelchair, a German Shepherd, and a talking African Parrot.

Crossing the United States on wheels is a rite of passage for those driven by a steady, internal wanderlust that works its magnetic force by pulling us from East to West and back again. Endless highways make it so easy these days that it’s doable without even a map.

Historic New Orleans French Quarter Architecture

My plan was to drive straight through past Texas and then we’d slow down stopping at Carlsbad Caverns in New Mexico, the Painted Desert in Arizona, Holbrook, Canyon de Chelly National Monument, the Grand Canyon, Zion National Park and last stop, our final destination, Las Vegas.

Re-fueling Time

Sometimes nothing goes according to plan. It was Thanksgiving Day I woke up in a “vintage” motel room in Carlsbad after driving for several days only to realize that this is one of the few National Parks that is shut for the holiday since they have a staff that works elevators into the Caverns.

Whiner Diner

We’d been in the car now for three long days. On the very first night just as we had gotten north enough from Miami to be in what is actually considered The South, I felt that unmistakable tickle in my throat. With temperatures dropping into the 30s I didn’t stand a chance.

Big Bend Texas National Park


Being sick, the solo driver, plus assisting my friend with the pets had taken a toll. At this point I proposed we make the last 16 hour trek to Vegas in one last final shot.

Weathered Fence in New Mexico

That’s what we did. Past snow covered desert and run down towns in New Mexico and on to Arizona. We stopped for a proper holiday meal in a casino. I can’t remember what I ate, but it wasn’t turkey. In the dark of night I saw the sign for the Grand Canyon. Everything else was lost in total darkness.

Daytime View of the Las Vegas Strip

By the time I took care of getting everything situated all I had energy to do was to hole up in a nice hotel and veg out for a few days. Since I wasn’t getting any better I thought why not go see family instead of camping out in weather I wasn’t prepared for. There were unusual lows in temperature and snow that I wasn’t expecting.

Empty Open Highway Under Clear Desert Sky

In Nevada the sun shines so bright from the cloudless blue sky that it looks surreal. Hard to believe it was chilly outside.

Solar Power Energy Panels

Power, the renewable, sustainable kind makes me happy. These I found near the Lake Mead National Recreational Area. I’m not sure what time of electric is produced, but to me it looks like progress.

Nevada Powerlines

Death Valley hadn’t been part of the itinerary, but neither was illness and freezing weather. This national park has been on my list for years. For one day I finally got a small taste and I want more.

Scenic Road in Death Valley National Park



Scenic routes are endless once you get out west. Roads seemingly disappear, dead ending at the horizon. Clouds and dust set the stage.

Badwater Basin Death Valley National Park

Highs and lows come quick along the road. Badwater Basin is the lowest point of elevation in the USA at 282 feet below sea level.

Wild Coyote in the Afternoon Glow of the California Sunset

From a distance the land looks to be devoid of life. Barren of any existence. This couldn’t be further than reality. Stop and listen and the desert sounds reveal life hidden from the passing eye. This is something that should be done regularly at all times no matter where you live!

Early Morning at the Hoover Dam

My last night in Nevada I slept in the car with the heat on. The cold snap meant it was snowing nearby. Before dawn I headed to the Hoover Dam. As the sun rose the sky filled with color.

Sunrise at Lake Mead National Recreation Area

Water is a precious resource. Lack of water in Lake Mead is visible in the line of contrast left on the now exposed lower end of the mountains edging the basin.

Freemont Street Old Las Vegas

One last night in Vegas brought me to Freemont Street where it all began. Neon lights fill the sky. Once upon a time THIS was the legendary hot spot. Now I imagine, it’s much quieter.  In a Gambler’s Paradise one can always find refuge among the palm trees.

Las Vegas Neon Martini Glass

Ten Thousand Islands


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With a world full of billions of people how far do you have to go to really get away from it all? The answer all depends on where you’re coming from. South Florida has been home for a good portion of my life. People love to hate on it, saying it’s over crowded, traffic’s terrible and yeah it’s HOT. Wonder how many of these people take the time to explore the Florida Everglades National Park, especially the Ten Thousand Islands area? It’s not all swamp.

Endless Horizon

Water fills in the gap as the transition from mainland to mangrove islands takes place off the coast. On a clear day the surface mirrors the sky as far as the eye can see. Access is limited to boats with minimal drafts and man powered canoes, kayaks and paddle boards. For those lacking the spirit of adventure there are tours available from the Gulf Coast Visitor Center in Everglades City.

Beached Canoe at Picnic Key Campsite

Waking up on a sandy beach that took hours to paddle to is the reward for a lot of preparation. Being distant enough from shore makes for a lot of planning. Although it’s about 2 hours from Miami it seems easier to hop a plane to Europe, or drive across country even. In the wrong time of year, or on the wrong island the journey to paradise might be confused with being the antithesis.

Campsite on Picnic Key

This part of the planet I’m not comfortable venturing off to solo. As a result my experiences in the back country have been limited to the rare occasion when interested parties have aligning schedules corresponding with both weather and season. Photographs committed only to memory are burned in my mind, and keep a longing desire to return and create alive.

Sunset from the Boat

The conditions can be harsh. Paddling against currents so strong where no forward motion can gained is beyond frustrating. Getting stuck with an approaching storm, or on open water at night is terrifying. Watching the depth of the earth give way to a dark channel where a canoe is the only thing separating you from a shark the same size isn’t for those faint of heart. Shoal close to the surface can be a major problem for boating in the night. Embarrassingly enough I’ve been fortunate to have been “rescued” all three of my trips out there, once by park rangers and twice by friendly boaters.

So Over Paddling

Unless you’re a super experienced paddler, I recommend taking a buddy and spending a few nights. It’s physically exhausting if the tide isn’t in your favor and the sun is shining brightly down on you all day. The rangers at the visitor centers will gladly help you plan your trip. Generally the best time to leave the dock is early in the AM. If getting there timely is an issue there are places to stay in Everglades City, or depart from Flamingo after camping in the national park. Permits are required for overnight stays on the islands.

One day I aim to paddle the 99 mile waterway that connects the two visitor centers and properly photograph this land of water that haunts my mind.

Beyond Yellowstone June 2013


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 Oh, give me a home where the buffalo roam,
Where the deer and the antelope play;
Where seldom is heard a discouraging word
And the skies are not cloudy all day

American Bison grazing in Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

Home, home on the range
Where the deer and the antelope play
Where seldom is heard a discouraging word
And the skies are not cloudy all day.

Horses Running Wild




From my arrival at the West Yellowstone Airport to long after when viewing the images that took place in Montana, Wyoming and Idaho, I hear the words to the classic American song Home on the Range. It’s playing on repeat inside my head right now.

Early morning sun rises long after the laboring ranch hand. Summer daybreak still has a chill in the air as the horses’ pounding hooves hit the ground, kicking up a cloud of dust during the morning run at the Parade Rest Ranch.

Maple Syrup in a Country Western Dining Hall

Syrup and pancakes are a plenty. This is the land of meat and potatoes. Hearty meals suitable for those working and playing hard are apparent with the fare found on menus throughout the area. Vegetarians beware. While the vacationing tourist eats breakfast the real cowboys have been up and at it for hours.

Working Cowboy on Montana Dude Ranch

Tee Pee Glamground


Arriving early and staying late for a multiple day photo shoot arranged by iStockphoto photographer, Kriss Russell, I decided to go glamping at a TeePee Campground. Glamping is a fairly new concept where the campsite is already set up. All the preparation and setup involved in camping is removed. Aside from being a cheaper alternative to a hotel room, it’s a great way to experience the land out west.

Montana Cowgirl Rounding up the Herd

Modern times inspire a change in the faces of those rounding up the horses. Women are now just as present in the fields and stables as men. Their tasks and daily duties appear equally arduous as those of their male counterparts

Mount Haynes Yellowstone National Park

Vast open prairies, winding rivers, and sage brush covered ground fill in valleys. Tremendous geological features tower over organic life forms. Remnants of Yellowstone National Park’s historic fire in the 1980s are still visible as fallen tree trunks remain littered throughout the hillsides like broken matchsticks. Wildlife act as celebrities, traffic comes to a halt as bison, elk and bears do their thing. On some level I think they know they own the place. Waterholes and geysers are literally the hot spots.

Young Woman in Traditional Native American Dress

During our photo shoot we were loaned an authentic Native American deerskin dress. The history of the American people is sometimes dark. So rare is it to meet a true Native. Hopefully awareness, conservation and education will keep the culture and spirit of the Native people alive. How different would this country be if their population had not been decimated in the early frontier days?

Retro Road Tripping Camper

Ask a local if they live nearby. Don’t be surprised when their response is, “Not too far, only about 90 miles.” Distance is relative to how far one usually travels. In this raw, sprawling land the average speed limit is 80mph. Towns and natural wonders are spread far apart. Get ready to log some serious miles during your trip here. The congestion of the over populated east an west coasts thankfully has not spread to this part of the United States. I’m guessing that part of that has to do with extremely cold, brutal winters.

Rows of Idaho Potatoes in the Field

Taking a long drive through the tri-state area (Montana, Idaho, Wyoming) let me see agriculture happening outdoors on a grand scale. Endless rows of green potato leaves sprout out of symmetrical brown dirt rows that stretch off to the horizon.

Industrial Grain Elevators in Idaho

Then out of nowhere a ghostly yet functioning town appears. Silos and grain elevators stand tall in the flat lands. A freight car waits on the rails for the week to begin. Industry giants cold and gleaming that are either full of crops, or ready for harvest, remind me of photographer, Margaret Bourke White, a woman who’s career and photography I find beyond inspiring.

Prospector Panning for Gold

The cast of characters available during our shoot ranged from real American cowboys, Montana locals, a gold miner, outlaws, Native Americans, aliens, ghosts and a Western bride and groom. The prospector is a visual representation of the Gold Rush era. Sure money doesn’t grow on trees, but there was a time when gold could be found flowing through the mountain streams.

Little House on the Prarie

With the entire Little House on the Prairie series existing somewhere deep in my subconscious I can’t help but reminisce over the life of Laura Ingalls Wilder. My cabin porch reminds me of an updated version of the family homestead. Placing the model here I keep thinking she’s waiting for Pa to return even in her contemporary western fashion.

Little Cowgirl on the Ranch

What is normal everyday life? Depends on many things. There is no one answer to that question. Often I’m without words when people ask, “What is typically American? The USA, so broad and diverse through it’s heritage, multiple cultures and widely different regions that this is almost an impossible question to answer. For many throughout the world, it has become the norm to slave over a desk attached to a computer and hitched to a smart phone. How wonderful it is to know there are still children growing up in a world outdoors, living on a ranch. Though not my experience there is a nostalgia I have for a simpler time. Freedom to live as one chooses is an American concept that I hope does not go extinct.

Pine Tree Growing on Rocky Cliff Above Snake River

Gravity defying coniferous trees take root in the steep terrain along Yellowstone’s Grand Canyon. Turbulent blue water from Snake River rushes down below.

Colter Bay Village Marina in Grand Teton National Park

Recreational activities in the area are not limited to animal watching and hiking. Boating, fly fishing, swimming, rafting and paddle boarding are a few ways people can enjoy life in this neck of the woods.

Summer Fly Fishing in Montana

Fly fishing is a popular sport. Anglers dress in waterproof clothing to stand deep into the fresh water streams with a goal to catch fish like cuttroat trout, rainbow trout and brown trout. If this is your idea of a good time, make sure to get a fishing permit available through a park visitor center, or ranger station.

Afternoon Mountain Biking

Of course there are endless trails to explore by mountain bike, or horseback.

Red Merle Australian Shepherd in back of a Pickup Truck

At the end of a long summer day in the fresh outdoors even the herding dog knows when to call it quits.

All American Cowboy Couple

Spend time with nature and the people you love. Simple, but unforgettable.

Hayden Valley Sunset in Yellowstone National Park

Watch the sun transform the wide open sky into a kaleidescope of color before fading into a dazzling sparkly night graced with the Milky Way and countless stars. Standing alone in the middle of a field surrounded by darkness I feel relief for the clear night. Arranging my rusty classic subject in frame doesn’t take long. Howling sounds echoing through the valley speed up the photographic process by igniting silent terror within. To get this close to the universe inspires me to do it again and again.

Abandoned Under the Stars in Montana

How often at night when the heavens are bright
With the lights from the glittering stars
Have I stood there amazed and asked as I gazed
If their glory exceeds that of ours.

Like what you see? Want more? Click here to view and license royalty free photographs from my trip to Yellowstone & Beyond.

Hong Kong May 2014


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Looking up in Downtown Hong Kong Island

Hard to believe two months have passed since I embarked on a new life chapter by moving to Asia. With timing on my side I was fortunate to start the journey participating in my second official iStockalypse in Hong Kong. For those of you who don’t know, this is a time where contributors get together to create new media based on a central theme/location. Once my friends NicolasMcComber and KieselUndStein were in I couldn’t resist. We have a ridiculous amount of fun shooting together and I couldn’t imagine turning down the opportunity to be part of this unique experience.

Causeway Bay Streets in the Day

Now I did some research, but in general I like to travel to new places with limited plans and expectations. This way I can explore and see things with a fresh perspective. Coming from New York City and Miami the bar for urban environments is set pretty high through my eyes. Hong Kong far exceeds any preconceived notions I may have had. There is such an interesting mix of modernity, culture, color, architecture, and people. The blend of East meets West makes it generally easy to get around without speaking Cantonese. What’s most surprising is the overall cleanliness and efficiency of this international hub.

Crowded Streets on a Rainy Day in Hong Kong

Sure in busy places there are LOTS of people. Popular areas, especially shopping districts are full of pedestrians. Even with the high volume of humans the city is safe. People even go out of their way to do something nice for a stranger, which is foreign to me. Walking down one street I accidentally drop a water bottle and a woman walks a block after me to let me know. There is a thoughtfulness present that I find refreshing.

Descent into a Hong Kong Metro Station

Public transportation on Hong Kong Island provides a variety of options for getting around. Their metro is timely, keeps to schedule and can get you to the vicinity of your destination for a nominal fare. With a simple map getting around this way only takes a ride, or two before you’ll feel like a pro. Keep your eyes open for this underground train as it arrives in relative silence.

Commuting passengers ride on a Hong Kong Tram

All forms of transport, metro, bus, tram, and ferry are unified through one form of currency, the Octopus card, which can also be used for purchases in convenience stores and food courts. The destination in mind determines the best mode of transportation. Figuring out buses and the tram system is a little more complex, but the assistance of a smart phone, gps and our dear friend Google will get you moving in the right direction.

Ferry Docked at Hong Kong Central Pier

Hong Kong is a sprawl of islands. Somewhere I read there are over two hundred. Although I’m sure that number includes uninhabited land masses in addition to the larger populated ones. Nine harbors on Hong Kong Island provide access to surrounding islands via ferry, or private boat. Most schedules offer several trips per day between the major nearby islands.

View of Aberdeen Harbor on Hong Kong Island

Aberdeen is home to one of the several harbors. High rises fill the residential area. There’s a small Buddhist temple in the center of town. Songs chirp from community birds brought outdoors by socializing seniors. Their melodies compete against the constant sound of traffic. Most alluring to me is the promenade along the water. There are junk boats, fresh fish hanging to dry, luxury yachts and ample people watching.

Pile of Anchovies for Sale

Need a break from urban overload? Get out of the big city and explore the outer islands. A quick ferry trip from Aberdeen will bring you to the fishing village of Sok Kwu Wan on Lamma Island. The air is fresh and it’s hard to believe that you are so close to a major world capital such as Hong Kong. Go hiking, swim at one of the beaches and enjoy a multiple course seafood dinner in a relaxed atmosphere alongside the harbor at dusk.

Sok Kwu Wan, Lamma Island

Markets & Shopping Plan to have some cash in hand for shopping at the many street markets. Fruit and vegetable stands are prominent along the sidewalks in the Western District and appear to be the popular way to shop for produce.  I’m sure they exist, but I can’t recall passing one typical, Western style grocery store.

Cash business in the Western District

Kowloon Flower Market Road has flora a plenty. From green lucky bamboo to potted orchids, plant lovers can find all sorts of living additions for their homes and gardens. Florists offer spectacular bouquets and arrangements for those in search of decor and gifts.

Flowers for Sale in the Kowloon Flower Market

Satisfy all bird needs at the Yuen Po Street Bird Garden. Traditional, bamboo cages are detailed on site by skilled Chinese craftsmen. Purchase live grasshoppers and other insects to feed your feathered pets. Buy exotic parrots, or simply come to socialize for the afternoon with your songbird in tow.

Chinese Craftsman Working on Cage in the Kowloon Bird Market

Luxury Shopping is one of the topics we focused on during the official Istock by Getty photo shoots. With professional models and released locations our lenses aim creating and capturing just the right moments that make you want to shop till you drop. This is certainly easy to do in a city like Hong Kong. There are endless designer stores and malls for those with deep pockets.

High End Retail Fashion Shopping in Hong Kong

Chinese culture and history can still be found throughout the city. Places like the Kowloon Walled City Park are there to remember and honor what is no longer in existence. Quiet spaces can be sought out for both reflection and solitude.

Bonsai in the Kowloon Walled City Park

With ever growing globalization what separates one city from another? Often I find that uniqueness within older areas of a community where gentrification has yet to bring it’s blanket of uniformity. Stacks of old wooden drawers and glass jars full of herbs, roots and spices still exist in many of the traditional Chinese medicine shops throughout Hong Kong. Stepping into one of these spaces is a visual treat. Although the shop shown here is authentic, the model happens to be another iStockphoto member, Benjamin Loo, who was kind enough to model as he had just the right look.

Traditional Chinese Medicine Shop

Urban Farming is something that always catches my attention. Growing food locally is possible in any location. Seeing these bright green leafy rows and wind turbine bring hope that all big cities will have sustainability through the growth of local produce, while also reducing pollution that comes with long distance imports.

Urban Garden in Downtown Hong Kong

Business never looked so good. These models from our second official shoot make me want a stylist of my own! With the urban background of the International Finance Center it was hard not to get fantastic shots showcasing the modern Chinese business person.

Chinese Business Professionals in Hong Kong’s IFC

Victoria Peak, one of my favorite spots in the city is spectacular at night. High above the sparkling metropolis a breathtaking view waits to be seen. There is something special about looking down and being a simple observer as a part of the world filled with millions below continues on unaware that it is being watched.

Classic Black & White View of Hong Kong from Victoria Peak

Like what you see? Want more? Click here to view and license royalty free photographs from my trip to Hong Kong.