The Warmest Place on Earth? Photos of Colourful…

With its vast salt flats, volcanos and eerily-coloured mineral formations, the Danakil Depression is one of the hottest and inhospitable places on Earth. Includes stunning photos by Getty Images photographer, Carl Court (via IBTimes)

The Warmest Place on Earth? Photos of Colourful…

For centuries, merchants have travelled across the vast, cracked desert basin with caravans of camels to collect blocks of salt. Photo: Carl Court/ Getty Images

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Photo of the Week: The Raging Inferno of Iraq’s…

Getty Images photographer Carl Court immediately sought something to provide a sense of scale to the devastation. As if on cue, a shoeless young boy on a bicycle rolled up, abruptly stopped, and simply stared. “He seemed to be more interested in what I was doing than in the plumes of smoke billowing behind him,” he says. (via Wired)

Photo of the Week: The Raging Inferno of Iraq’s…

A photographer spots a boy on a bicycle in the middle of chaos near Mosul, Iraq. Photo: Carl Court

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[4 of 5] Dmitry Markov (, recipient of…

Learn more about and apply by April 12 📷: Dmitry Markov (, recipient of a #GettyImagesInstagramGrant in 2015, takes over @gettyimages Instagram

[4 of 5] Dmitry Markov (, recipient of…

[4 of 5] Dmitry Markov (, recipient of a #GettyImagesInstagramGrant in 2015, is taking over our account to share #photographs he’s taken over the past six months, fulfilling his dream and traveling #Russia with support of the grant. #takeover #📷: The abbot of the church of the Archangel Michael (#Vyshegorod Village, #Pskov Region) keeps a large #farm with many #pigs, goats, fowl. On the picture he is herding a #sow from the street into the barn. The @GettyImages Instagram Grant, run in collaboration with @Instagram, supports visual #artists using #Instagram to tell important stories about communities underrepresented by mainstream media. Learn more and apply at by April 12 ➡ click the link in our bio

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Getty Images Instagram Grant

Help share this grant supporting visual artists using Instagram to tell important stories about communities underrepresented by mainstream media.

Getty Images Instagram Grant

We’re accepting entries for our second annual Getty Images Instagram Grant, run in collaboration with Instagram, to support visual artists using Instagram to tell important stories about communities underrepresented by mainstream media. This year we’re encouraging visual artists to submit an Instagram portfolios of a range of mediums including digital art, photography and video footage.

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Visionary photojournalist Erika Stone joins…

Pioneering documentary photographer, student of Berenice Abbot and George Tice and New School alum joins Getty Images.

Visionary photojournalist Erika Stone joins…

Erika Stone, pioneering woman photographer, student of Berenice Abbott and George Tice joins Getty Images with her document of New York City life from the 40’s through the 70’s.

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Introducing the Lean In Collection on iStock by…

Powerful images featuring female leadership in contemporary work and life and the communities who support them… I am happy to share that one of my images is a part of this collection showcasing beautiful, empowered women!

Introducing the Lean In Collection on iStock by…

The collection is jointly curated by iStock by Getty Images and – the women’s empowerment nonprofit founded by Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg

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All Across America November 2013

Hula Girl Shaking Her Grass Skirt on the Dashboard

Less than two weeks had passed since returning home to Miami after a five week odyssey in the UK and Ireland. Just enough time for me to start feeling that itch to go somewhere fast. Out of the blue a friend in need asks if I could help get him across the country I didn’t even have to consider it. Of course my answer was YES! Soon after I set off from Miami to head west with a guy in a wheelchair, a German Shepherd, and a talking African Parrot.

Crossing the United States on wheels is a rite of passage for those driven by a steady, internal wanderlust that works its magnetic force by pulling us from East to West and back again. Endless highways make it so easy these days that it’s doable without even a map.

Historic New Orleans French Quarter Architecture

My plan was to drive straight through past Texas and then we’d slow down stopping at Carlsbad Caverns in New Mexico, the Painted Desert in Arizona, Holbrook, Canyon de Chelly National Monument, the Grand Canyon, Zion National Park and last stop, our final destination, Las Vegas.

Re-fueling Time

Sometimes nothing goes according to plan. It was Thanksgiving Day I woke up in a “vintage” motel room in Carlsbad after driving for several days only to realize that this is one of the few National Parks that is shut for the holiday since they have a staff that works elevators into the Caverns.

Whiner Diner

We’d been in the car now for three long days. On the very first night just as we had gotten north enough from Miami to be in what is actually considered The South, I felt that unmistakable tickle in my throat. With temperatures dropping into the 30s I didn’t stand a chance.

Big Bend Texas National Park


Being sick, the solo driver, plus assisting my friend with the pets had taken a toll. At this point I proposed we make the last 16 hour trek to Vegas in one last final shot.

Weathered Fence in New Mexico

That’s what we did. Past snow covered desert and run down towns in New Mexico and on to Arizona. We stopped for a proper holiday meal in a casino. I can’t remember what I ate, but it wasn’t turkey. In the dark of night I saw the sign for the Grand Canyon. Everything else was lost in total darkness.

Daytime View of the Las Vegas Strip

By the time I took care of getting everything situated all I had energy to do was to hole up in a nice hotel and veg out for a few days. Since I wasn’t getting any better I thought why not go see family instead of camping out in weather I wasn’t prepared for. There were unusual lows in temperature and snow that I wasn’t expecting.

Empty Open Highway Under Clear Desert Sky

In Nevada the sun shines so bright from the cloudless blue sky that it looks surreal. Hard to believe it was chilly outside.

Solar Power Energy Panels

Power, the renewable, sustainable kind makes me happy. These I found near the Lake Mead National Recreational Area. I’m not sure what time of electric is produced, but to me it looks like progress.

Nevada Powerlines

Death Valley hadn’t been part of the itinerary, but neither was illness and freezing weather. This national park has been on my list for years. For one day I finally got a small taste and I want more.

Scenic Road in Death Valley National Park



Scenic routes are endless once you get out west. Roads seemingly disappear, dead ending at the horizon. Clouds and dust set the stage.

Badwater Basin Death Valley National Park

Highs and lows come quick along the road. Badwater Basin is the lowest point of elevation in the USA at 282 feet below sea level.

Wild Coyote in the Afternoon Glow of the California Sunset

From a distance the land looks to be devoid of life. Barren of any existence. This couldn’t be further than reality. Stop and listen and the desert sounds reveal life hidden from the passing eye. This is something that should be done regularly at all times no matter where you live!

Early Morning at the Hoover Dam

My last night in Nevada I slept in the car with the heat on. The cold snap meant it was snowing nearby. Before dawn I headed to the Hoover Dam. As the sun rose the sky filled with color.

Sunrise at Lake Mead National Recreation Area

Water is a precious resource. Lack of water in Lake Mead is visible in the line of contrast left on the now exposed lower end of the mountains edging the basin.

Freemont Street Old Las Vegas

One last night in Vegas brought me to Freemont Street where it all began. Neon lights fill the sky. Once upon a time THIS was the legendary hot spot. Now I imagine, it’s much quieter.  In a Gambler’s Paradise one can always find refuge among the palm trees.

Las Vegas Neon Martini Glass